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The Macross Saga

Episode: Blind Game


Ordered to fire a warning shot across the bow of the SDF-1, Khyron takes matters into his own hands again. The blast knocks out the radar tower of the giant spacefortress. The stress of constant battle has already taken its toll on the SDF-1, and much of the sophisticated electronic equipment no longer functions properly. The aliens make contact with Captain Gloval, demanding the shipís surrender. Gloval retaliates by planning a new defense.

Lisa Hayes volunteers to pilot a radar vessel into Zentraedi-controlled space under the protection of Rick Hunterís Vermilion Squad. The defense of the ship is more important than ever. The bridge crew has received a disturbing first transmission from Earth. The United Earth Defense Headquarters has forbidden the SDF-1 to return. Earth defense has calculated that the Zentraedi are more interested in the battlefortress than they are in the planet itself. As long as the SDF-1 remains in space, they are certain that the aliens will stay there, too. Itís superficial reasoning at best; however, the spacefortress is now the only home the troops and the 70,000 residents of Macross City have. Lisa knows it must be protected!

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