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The Macross Saga

Episode 12: The Big Escape


The Zentraedi commanders are eager to learn more about the Micronian culture and investigate their knowledge of protoculture. Rico, Bron and Konda volunteer to be reduced to Micronian size so that they may infiltrate the SDF-1 and report their findings to Breetai and Dolza.

Meanwhile, realizing the effect they had on their interrogators, Lisa and Rick try kissing in front of the next guard who appears, as part of an escape plan. The next guard turns out to be Max Sterling in disguise. He has come to rescue his friends.

Humiliated by his failure to recapture the Micronian prisoners, Breetai also finds himself relieved of active duty. Dolza places another Zentraedi warlord, Azonia, in charge. Observing their conversation, Rick and Lisa realize that the aliens’ tremendous size comes about through the use of protoculture.  They complete their escape and make their way back to the SDF-1.

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