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The Macross Saga

Episode 13: Blue Wind


On board the battlefortress, Lisa, Rick, Max, and Ben relate their experience and observations as prisoners of the alien invaders to their superior officers. There are promotions all around, and their exploits are cause for celebration among the civilians and soldiers of Macross City. Rick is briefly reunited with Lynn Minmei, who has become quite a star, a virtual singing sensation. He canít help but feel that hey are growing apart. The three Zentraedi spies observe the festivities with all the enthusiasm of children in a huge toy store. They are beginning to enjoy the Micronian culture.

Following a course of his own design, Captain Gloval executes a daring plan to take the SDF-1 back to Earth. Khyron prepares to destroy the battlefortress rather than allow it to reach the planet. He is stopped by Azonia, who threatens to destroy the warlord herself if he harms the spacefortress. Seething with rage, Khyron allows the ship to pass. The bridge crew of the SDF-1 observes this incredible drama between the two Zentraedi forces and is amazed Ė except for Captain Gloval. He has calculated this move all along.

The battlefortress lands in the Pacific Ocean with minimum reentry damage. The inhabitants of the giant ship are glad to be home.

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