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The Macross Saga

Episode 16: Battle Cry


The announcement of the governing councilís decision not to allow the residents of Macross City to return to Earth is met with a rage-induced riot on board the SDF-1. The civilians resent their subordinate position. A strong anti-military feeling prevails Ė with Lynn Kyle as an able spokesman. He had been a member of the peace movement on Earth. Charisma seems to run in the family; Kyle creates as much of a stir as his cousin, Minmei.

Acting against Azoniaís orders, Khyron leads an attack on the battlefortress. It is only with the greatest effort and good fortune that the SDF-1 manages to escape the onslaught. During the battle Lisa Hayes finds herself distracted. She is unhappy over her fatherís part in the Earth councilís decision. Lynn Kyle reminds her too much of her fiancť, Karl Riber. Kyleís anti-war statements echo her lost oneís sentiments perfectly, yet she senses a kind of insincerity that was never present in Riber. At the conclusion of the battle, Rick Hunter is critically injured; suddenly, Lisa begins to realize that the affection she feels for the fighter pilot is something more than friendship.


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