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The Macross Saga

Episode 21: A New Dawn


Taking advantage of a lull in the war, the citizens of Macross City look forward to the premier of Lynn Minmeiís first film. Itís a martial art epic featuring the young singing star and her cousin. Kyleís Kung Fu expertise has made him a natural for the hero of the picture. The crowd finds the film delightful as they watch the romantic story evolve around the two stars. They enjoy the action sequences when Kyle vanquishes Zentraedi villains with the panache of a new Bruce Lee.

Observing the film from their ship, Breetai and Exedore are concerned. They do not understand that what theyíre watching is a work of fantasy. As Lynn Kyle decimates the huge alien invaders, the Zentraedi commander wonder if the Micronians have developed a new weapon. They are further disturbed by their own feelings as they observe the love scenes.

Breetai and Exedore are not the only ones upset by the film. Neither Rick Hunter nor Lisa Hayes can enjoy the picture. They leave the theater and run into each other outside. Kyle is still a painful reminder of the man Lisa once loved. Rick canít bear to witness the close friendship that seems to have evolved between Minmei and her cousin. Coupled with the love scenes from the film, itís more than he can bear. Lisa and Rick find themselves becoming unwilling allies. Their feelings of friendship for each other increase.

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