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The Macross Saga

Episode 23: Reckless


The crew of the battlefortress has responded to the Zentraedi’s latest attack with a great show of force, but the fighting works its way inside to the streets of Macross City. Khyron’s troops overrun the civil defense patrol’s resistance. The warlord is positive that this time, victory will be his. However, his gloating is interrupted when he notices odd behavior among some of is men. When he questions them, they explain that they’re looking for Minmei. Khyron forbids them to pursue their quest. They ignore his orders and run away.

At Zentraedi command Headquarters, Breetai and Exedore receive news that Khyron’s troops are deserting. Exedore tells Breetai that this must be secret weapon that the Zentraedi legends warned of.

The officers of the SDF-1 are as stunned as the Zentraedi when confronted with the alien deserters. They hardly know what to make of the situation, but a subsequent examination shows that the Zentraedi blood types and genetic structures are identical to those of humans. The aliens aren’t as alien as they appear to be. Gloval decides to grant them political asylum.

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