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The Macross Saga

Episode 26: The Messenger


An uneasy truce is called between the two combatants. Following orders from high command, Breetai contacts the SDF-1 and requests permission to negotiate a settlement between the civilizations. Exedore is escorted to the battlefortress as a representative for the Zentraedi people.

In the first official meeting between alien and human, Captain Gloval tries to explain some of the so-called Micronian secret powers. He describes the special effects used in the film that made Lynn Kyle seem so powerful as well as some of the processes they have used in fighting the Zentraedi war machines. Exedore is amazed at their ingenuity. The on thing Gloval cannot explain away is the "psychological assault". Eventually he comes to realize that Exedore is talking about Lynn Minmei’s singing. The Zentraedi minister explains that it is the girl’s singing that has caused so many of their warriors to desert in droves. He explains the ancient warning that forbids Zentraedi contact with Micronians.

After their discussion, Exedore speculates that once he reads the report, Supreme Commander Dolza will most certainly order the main fleet to launch an all-out attack on Earth. He suggests that the SDF-1 prepare to escape the star system. Dolza will arrive with the main fleet consisting of more than 4,800,000 battle-ready warships. Not only will they take Earth, they will destroy the Micronian-contaminated Zentraedi as well. Exedore and Gloval have a common enemy.

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