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The Macross Saga

Episode 27: Force Of Arms


The entire Zentraedi force, commanded by Dolza, emerges from hyperspace and surrounds Earth. Once again, the crew of the SDF-1 prepares to do battle, but now the humans have allies in Breetai and Azonia. Khyron, true to his self-serving nature, deserts.

Dolza’s attack is brutal. He begins by firing on Earth. Whole cities are obliterated across the face of the planet. In an attempt to disorient the new Zentraedi forces, Breetai comes up with a plan to broadcast Minmei’s singing. Meanwhile, the United Earth Defense Council plans to put its most valuable weapon, the Grand Cannon, to use.

As Minmei’s song is broadcast from a planet base, Gloval launches the SDF-1 into its ultimate strategy. He rams the battlefortress into Dolza’s flagship. The ensuing explosion destroys the hostile alien armada. The incredible spacefortress, terribly damaged, crash lands on Earth.

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