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The Macross Saga

Episode 29: The Robotech Masters


At their distant home, the Robotech Masters receive a telepathic message that Zorís lost battlefortress has been located. A routine scan indicates that it is surrounded by a large discharge of protoculture mass. While it seems impossible that any single force could have been responsible for the destruction of more than four million battleships, the Robotech Masters receive information that that was exactly what happened. They prepare for a hyperspace fold to investigate the truth behind the data.

On Earth, the surviving Zentraedi are unhappy. They are not used to a life without the excitement of war. Peace grates on their nerves. Thousands of dissatisfied warriors are leaving town after town, heading out into the desert wastelands. Warlord Khyron likes to hear from his spies. Now, with Azonia fighting at his side, he is certain noting stand in the way of his desire for total conquest.

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