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The Macross Saga

Episode 30: Viva Miriya


Somewhere within he recesses of another galaxy, the Robotech Masters attempt to resurrect a being in the likeness of Zor, the genius who developed the secrets of protoculture and Robotechnology, the being who took those secrets to grave.

On Breetai’s flagship, the Zentraedi commander meets with his old associate, Exedore, and representatives of Earth. Admiral Gloval, Commander Hunter, Hayes, and Grant, as well as Max and Miriya Sterling, are part of the expedition. The Sterling have even brought their baby daughter, Dana, along.

The Zentraedi commander organizes a raid on the last remaining Robotech factory in an effort to hold the upper hand in case the wandering Robotech Masters find their way to Earth. He wants them to believe that the remaining Zentraedi are the new masters of Robotechnology. His human friends are willing allies in his scheme.

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