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The Macross Saga

Episode 36: To The Stars (Final)


As they prepare a counterattack against the Zentraedi warlord, Admiral Gloval promotes Lisa Hayes to the rank of captain of the new SDF-2. Before she takes command, Lisa finally gathers the courage to tell Rick how she feels about him. In the midst of battle, Rick confronts his own feelings for both Lisa and Minmei. He discovers that itís Lisa he loves after all. He leaves Minmei behind as he and Lisa race to their battle stations.

On board the repaired SDF-1, Gloval makes a final desperate stand against Khyron the Destroyer. A crowd gathers and cheers as the battlefortress soars into the sky. The SDF-1 only has enough power for one shot. The blast cripples Khyronís ship and the SDF-1, its power depleted, crashes on the planetís surface, its fall cushioned by water. Khyron knows the fallen vessel canít erect a defense barrier without power. In their lust for total annihilation, Khyron and Azonia lock their shipís guidance system into a head-on collision with the helpless battlefortress. The impact destroys the SDF-1, the SDF-2, and Khyron as well.

Rick finds Lisa after the crash. At the last minute, Gloval had managed to shove her into one of the ejection modules. She is the holocaustís only survivor. Saddened by the loss of their friends and shipmates, they decide to build a new life for themselves and the people of Earth. Rick and Lisa plan to oversee construction of a new SDF-3 so that future generations can join them in their journey to the stars.

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