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The Macross Saga

Episode 5: Transformation


Despite the incredible disruption in their lives, the citizens of Macross City make the best of their situation. Reunited with her aunt and uncle at their restaurant, Lynn Minmei persuades them to reopen. The first Chinese restaurant in space and Minmei prove to be very popular with the inhabitants of the SDF-1.

Meanwhile, still in orbit around Earth, Breetai and Exedore discuss the origins of the Micronians found in their most ancient records. The legends are vague but express a strict warning advising Zentraedi to keep away from all planets inhabited by Micronians. Breetai is puzzled. How could such tiny creatures pose threat to the magnificent Zentraedi warriors? Intrigued, the commander orders a space fold of the flagship and armada in an attempt to follow the SDF-1.

Rick Hunter is unhappy with his new life on board battlefortress. His conversations with Roy Fokker and Lynn Minmei are strained and dissatisfying. Roy encourages him to join the Robotech forces and pull his talent to good use, but Rick is unwilling to go into battle again. He does not want to become a soldier, a professional killer. Minmei cannot understand his point of view. Their argument is interrupted when Captain Gloval and crew discover the means to transform the SDF-1 into a robotic configuration just in time to do battle with the approaching Zentraedi armada.


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