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The Macross Saga

Episode 7: Bye-bye Mars


Emerging from hyperspace above Mars, Breetai sets an ambush for the SDF-1. He also calls up for reinforcement – the 7th Mechanized Division of the Botoru Fleet. Exedore is alarmed at this turn of events.

The Botoru division is commanded by Khyron, a ruthless Zentraedi warlord who has earned himself the nickname “Backstabber”. Khyron’s motto is victory at all costs – even at the unnecessary risk of his own men. Breetai agrees that Khyron’s measures are extreme at best, but so far, the warlord’s division has remained undefeated. Breetai cannot afford to lose the SDF-1.

In Macross City, Rick Hunter receives a personal invitation from Lynn Minmei to the girl’s sixteenth birthday party. Minmei is exited about the event and pleased with the announced news of the recent Zentraedi defeat. Rick regretfully advises her that the announcement is only so much morale-building propaganda.

The Veritech squads have suffered heavy casualties and didn’t hit half the reported targets. Minmei brushes the sobering news aside. She can’t imagine why anyone would want to stay depressed on her birthday.

As the SDF-1 attains orbit around Mars, they try to establish contact with Sara base. Lisa Hayes is particularly interested in reaching Sara since her fiancé, Karl Riber, is stationed at the observation post. A gentle young man, Riber had optioned for space duty in order to avoid the Global Civil War. Lisa had joined the armed forces in order to apply for duty on Mars so that she could be with him. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other. Lisa is devastated when she learns Sara base has been destroyed and that there are no survivors.

Captain Gloval lands the battlefortress close to the base itself. He deploys a company of destroids to secure available supplies. Veritech fighters are launched to observe the area and cover the transport vehicles. Lisa requests permission to leave the ship and check out the base personally. Gloval cautions her to be careful and allows her to go.

As Lisa explores the base and the last of the supplies are being loaded on the SDF-1, Khyron’s forces attack. Gravity mines prevent the battlefortress from taking off. The SDF-1 is unable to escape.

Gloval orders Claudia Grant to contact Lisa at Sara base. He tells Lisa to find the reflex furnace controls and place them in overdrive. Lisa follows through, knowing that it will destroy the base as well as the gravity mines. She hopes the explosion will destroy her, too. Without Riber, Lisa has no desire to live. At the last minute, Rick Hunter arrives to take Lisa back to the ship. Rick actually has to carry her out. They escape with no time to spare.  Khyron endures his first defeat at Micronians hands. He finds the sensation annoying – and intriguing.

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