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The Macross Saga

Episode 9:  Miss Macross


The citizens of Macross City hold a beauty contest to boost morale among soldiers and civilians alike. Lynn Minmei is one of twenty eight eager and attractive contestants chosen from nearly four hundred applicants. Minmei's charismatic charm has already made her the darling of the SDF-1. She wins the title of Miss Macross hands down and becomes the official Queen of the City.

The Zentraedi pick up the beauty pageant broadcast and are mystified by what they witness. Their culture does not permit close association between males and females. The aliens are aghast to see Micronians of opposite sexes mingling with each other, actually touching each other. The concept of music, dance, and fashion are totally foreign to them as well. Breetai dispatches a reconnaissance squad to investigate. In pursuit of their mission, the three spies Rico, Bron, and Konda are nearly destroyed by Rick Hunter. They return to the Zentraedi flagship more confused than before.

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