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The Robotech Masters

Episode 42: Danger Zone


    Since neither side is willing to make even the smallest concession, the war between Earth and the Robotech Masters escalates into another serious military confrontation.

    Supreme Commander Leonard deploys the bulk of their tactical armored space corps to engage the enemy in space in an attempt to avoid turning the planet surface into a battleground, but his strategy is based on insufficient data. Most of the troops are wiped out while the survivors are left to drift helplessly in space.

     On the hasty decision of one stubborn man, hundreds of lives have been lost in a single hopeless gesture. The Robotech Fortress continues to orbit Earth, untouched, unscathed, and apparently unbeatable.

    Professor Miles Cochran and his colleague, Dr. Samson Beckett, examine trace remains of a downed bioroid pilot and make a disturbing discovery. Their analysis of the alienís genetic code determines that the invaders are human Ė not micronized Zentraedi as they had originally suspected. They are horrified at the thought of brother fighting brother.

    Dana Sterling volunteers the 15th Squad to rescue the space corps. Louie Nichols has determined that the alien ship twists opposing forces in a series of hyper folds to move from place to place. Dana devised a plan to upset the hyper-balance of the alien craft.

    While everyone agrees that the plan could work, they run into difficulty with Chief of Staff Rolf Emerson, Bowie Grantís guardian. After the recent disaster, Emerson does not want to risk his wardís life in another futile military maneuver. Bowie, Dana, and Louie convince Emerson to see their point of view.   

    The 15th Squad not only rescue their fellow defenders, they destroy the alien ship. What was once an invincible source of terror crashes to the planetís surface, a fiery symbol of mankindís first victory.


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