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The Robotech Masters

Episode 43:  Prelude to Battle


    After their recent success shooting down the enemy ship, the 15th Squad find themselves "volunteered" for another dangerous mission. Supreme Commander Leonard has begun to consider them his lucky ace in the hole. General Emersonís protests in the matter are disregarded.

    n preparing for their next encounter, the members of the 15th psych themselves up, each in his or her own way. Unfortunately, Bowie Grant gets into more trouble than he can cope with alone. The young musician is arrested twice by the Global Military Police, once for frequenting a restricted bar, the second time for brawling in the same off-limits area.

    Although his excuses seem valid, Bowieís recent lack of concentration has caused him to make small, but potentially serious, mistakes on the battlefield.

     Dana canít afford to take a chance on the possibility that Bowie will become distracted on their new mission. She orders him confined to the guardhouse. The young man is forced to acknowledge his childish behavior.

     At the last minute, Emerson procures a release allowing Bowie to join his comrades on the mission. Bowie determines to become the best soldier he can.



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