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The Robotech Masters

Episode 47:  Outsiders


    he red bioroid pilot is captured, and Dana Sterling finds her problems are just beginning. The more she tries to dismiss the mysterious warrior, the more compelling he becomes. She has no way of knowing he is Zor Prime. First clone of Zor, the genius who created the science of Robotechnology – and, inadvertently, Earth’s continuing conflict with invading alien forces.

     Long ago, the first Zor escaped with the secrets of Robotechnology on the SDF-1 to prevent their abuse by the Robotech Masters. Now, the Robotech Masters seek to manipulate Zor Prime in ways they could never control the original. With a neuro-sensor implanted in his body, the clone will serve as an unknowing spy for the alien invaders.

    Dana is not the only person on the 15th Squad suffering from romantic difficulties. Bowie Grant, obsessed with the beautiful alien musician, finds himself the object of ridicule among his fellow soldiers because of his affection. Bowie has never considered himself a real member of the military establishment. Now he becomes more alienated than ever.

    A reconnaissance vessel from the SDF-1 lands near the outskirts of Monument City. Dana Sterling and Sean Phillips arrive to pick up Major John Carpenter and his aide from the Robotech Relief Expedition. They are taken to United Earth Command for debriefing. Leonard is staggered to hear there will be no reinforcement arriving from the SDF-3. It would seem Earth’s survival rests on strategic information gathered from the mysterious alien pilot.


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