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The Robotech Masters

Episode 51:  Clone Chamber


   Leonardís desperate frontal assault proves to be a disaster. The shattered Earth fleet withdraws toward the dark side of the moon, but the Robotech masters arenít celebrating yet.

    Transmissions from Zor Prime alert them that the "Invid Flowers of Life" growing within the ruins of the SDF-1 are in full bloom. It marks the first signal of the approaching Invid invasion force. The Robotech Mastersí biosynergetic reservoirs of protoculture are running dry.

     Weapons and defense systems are a constant drain, consuming more energy than they create. If the Robotech Masters cannot secure an infusion of fresh protoculture, their civilization will come to an end.

    Musica and her sisters, Allegra and Octavia, are approached by the mates chosen for them by the Robotech Masters. Musica still remembers Bowie Grant. Tormented by feelings she cannot understand, Musica refuses to obey the Robotech Masters. Her behavior does not go unnoticed. Like the Zentraedi, Micronian culture has an unsettling effect on the clones. The mistress of the Cosmic Harp has become as unpredictable as Zor Prime.

    Air Cavalry One relief forces led by Lieutenant Marie Crystal succeed in rescuing Leonardís decimated Earth fleet. On her return to the planet, she finds Sean Philips waiting for her. It would seem that her military and romantic strategies have paid off.


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